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Sae Game Jam #1

Over 48 hours we had to make a game with the theme "Hammer" and "Bee".

We weren't able to attend the entire game jam due to prior commitments but we still managed to have a semi working fun game and had heaps of fun ourselves.

This was also our first game jam.


Weapons (the weapons were meant to be more diverse in what they do):

  • Wall: redirects bees and only lasts 5 seconds
  • Nails: Kills bees and lasts 3 hits
  • Hammer Bee: Kills bees and lasts 3 hits
  • Nailgun Bee: Kills bees and lasts 3 hits
  • Buzz Saw: Kills bees and lasts 3 hits

Starting with a wave of 10 enemy bees with each new wave there will be 10 more enemy bees and they will be faster.

At the beginning of each new wave your health will refill and all weapons in the hive will remain.

There is no end to this game that we know of.

Recommended Resolution

1920 x 1080


Mouse only (left click to do stuff).


Unity Asset Store:

Menu - Sandbox from Casual Fun Free Track by Tuxedo Music

Game - Toon Battle Theme from Toon Battle by TFSui

Other Notes

If you die you will have to reboot the game. Sorry!

We are planning on polishing this game up in the near future.


SaeGameJam_1.zip 29 MB

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